Latest Updates

October 2010.

After getting my new MGF, my enthusiasm has resturned so I am trying to update the website and repalce thos pages lost when the previous host was hacked.  This month I ahve replaced most of the "parts locations" section and am slowly adding more "how tos".

March 2010.  

Due to the webhost being hacked (allegedly), I lost all pages and had notbacked them up for a long time.  Slowly rebuilding site with new webhost :(

August 2009.  

Added "parts location" pages to help identify parts in the MGF/TF

May  2009.  

Added first set of gallery pages.  These include general pictures of my car, and a set of artistic/scenic pictures. Add

January 2009.  

Moved all how to's to new page and updated others.  Still need to move some galleries and darkside pages.  Pleease check back soon to see more changes.